The Stoner Jesus Show

THE Stoner Jesus Show

Stoner Jesus Through The Years

Many of our listeners may not know that there was a lot of Stoner Jesus before this run of podcasts began on in Feb. 2011. The character of Stoner Jesus actually goes back to 2001. Here are all the links I could find to old stuff that is still accessible online.

2001 - The Stoner Jesus character is born, the extension of a stoned idea between two friends. This website - - is frozen in time in October of 2001. There is no audio because uploading back then took several hours and we were never successful in getting what we recorded onto the site. Then 9-11 happened and we lost interest. Stoner Jesus then lay dormant for many years.
2005 - My best friend and co-creator of the Stoner Jesus character (although I have always been the voice) - Joe Maines - died in June of 2005 of a heart attack. He was 26 years old.
2006 - Stoner Jesus returned to the air in the new format of podcasting. The Stoner Jesus MySpace page with over 15,000 friends has since been deleted, but the show page still exists with some audio snippets - - these episodes were on a site called which has ceased to be an audio-hosting site. Urban Dictionary definition of "Stoner Jesus" appeared 4 months after I started on Myspace.
2008/09 - The Stoner Jesus Show podcasted on Podomatic - - this is the first time that Raven and Stoner Skitzo joined me on the air.
2009-2011 - We broadcasted some on Blog Talk Radio.
2011 - The awesomeness that is began.
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