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Note: The videos on this channel are from various times in the history of The Stoner Jesus, if you will. So blaze up, enjoy and don't take anything too seriously. 


The full video episodes are generally after July of 2017*, but the clips can go back as early as 2008. Older episodes and clips will be audio only.


*The video shows follow a Chapter and Verse format where the Chapter is the year and the verse is the episode in that year. For example, Chapter 1, Verse 23 is the 23rd episode in the first year of video shows; Chapter 3, Verse 9 is the 9th episode in the 3rd year of video shows and so on.


The Stoner Jesus Show 24/7 Channel is brought to you by LOUDNEWSNET.COM!! is a voice for the culture. The counter culture to be exact. On you’ll find authentic takes on  cannabis, hip hop,  social issues, the latest streaming, and more. If it’s not potent content, then it’s not Loud!



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