The Stoner Jesus Show

THE Stoner Jesus Show

Best Stoner Movie

What's the best stoner movie of all time? Let's find out!


Below is a bracket of 16 movies that you can vote for on Twitter. You may not agree with the list; you may feel some movies should be on the list that aren't and vice versa. Too bad, it's my list (with help from my followers on Twitter). Go vote, or don't, it's whatever.


I've also decided against seeds. The movies are listed in random order, the first two battle and the next two battle and so on, you all know how brackets work. Each match-up will be open for voting for a week on Twitter and the winner of each battle will move on to the next round.


Click here for Round 1 results!


Click here for Round 2 results!




Friday vs Cheech and Chong's Next Movie


Up In Smoke vs Half Baked


Click here to vote in the Final Four!

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