The Stoner Jesus Show

THE Stoner Jesus Show

Wake N Bake With Stoner Jesus [4/7/17] - Ethmay Ablay - Hour 1

April 10th, 2017

On this episode of Wake N Bake with Stoner Jesus: SJ was in studio for [HOUR 1] a new voicemail from St. Peter, a Hate Group Softball League update, Weed News on possble federal legalization, Kansas City decrim, medical marijuana in West Virginia and more plus [HOUR 2] Celeb News about Kendall Jenner healing some hate (or creating some), Jimmy Kimmel crying, hot football quarterback-type guy breaking up with big boobs, hot piece of ass actress chick and more plus Profiles in Death on Don Rickles, stories about a horse going to Taco Bell, a Snapchat prison escape, tough times for Shia LaBeouf and even more!

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