The Stoner Jesus Show

THE Stoner Jesus Show

The Stoner Jesus Show LIVE: Chapter 1, Verse 51 - Celebrating One Year On Video - HOUR 2

July 23rd, 2018

On this episode of The Stoner Jesus Show:

***Find the FULL video version HERE!*** <---The ONLY place to see the full video of Hour 2!

SJ was in studio for LIVE streaming: (HOUR 1) a high goat, offensive tweets, The Church of Stoner Jesus and more plus (HOUR 2) pussy hat kid, drunk women stuck in a cab, the ass-pinched waitress, the latest from Roseanne, some retro clips about St. Peter and more!

The Show is brought to you by Hemptations, Next Bardo, KorLor420 and CBD Oil Solutions!

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